Fibre in Bales

Soft Fiber extracted from coconut husk is hydraulic pressed to make a bale. weight range from 100kg -150kg PP bound bales. Mainly used for manufacturing Bedding and upholstery, Packaging purposes, Drainage filters, sound absorption, etc. Container utilization approx. 20-24MT per 40ft HC container.


Twisted fibre (Curled coir)

Raw coir fibre twisted to form a rope by a machine. After untwisting the rope, curls form good spring effect. Therefore mainly used in manufacturer of automobile and other upholstery. Available natural and black dyed form. Packing in coils of approx. 20-25kgs and container utilization approx. 20-22MT per 40ft HC

Grow Bags

A unique product which comes as compressed slabs in poly sleeves. It is widely used in the horticulture and hydrophonic green house industry for growing vegetables such as tomato and cucumber and cows. It is also used in the floriculture industry for roses, gerberas and many other high demand seasonal and non-seasonal flowers. COIRPEAT grow bags are also used to grow fruits such as strawberries.


Coir fibre pith

Used as a growing medium and soil conditioner. Mainly used in Green houses, commercial growing or as a component in potting mixtures. It has high water holding capacity and air porosity. Coir fibre pith is natural alternative to Peat Moss. Packing in 650g bricks, 5kg blocks, 25kg or higher weight bales or as grow bags.

Bristle fibre

Strong and longest fibre. Available in Natural, Cut, Uncut, Black and white bleached. Grading based on the cleanliness 1-tile, 2 –tie & 3-tie. Packing in hanks and mainly used for Tawashi and other Brush industry. Container utilization is approx. 6-8MT/20ft


Coir Twine / Yarn

Coir Twine is generally 2 ply. Yarn is spun from hand and the twine is by spinning machines. Made out of bristle fibre with inner cotton thread or PP thread. Thickness 5-6mm, 35- 42 twists per foot. Breaking strength from 75lbs – 100lbs. using for HOP cultivation, Oyster industry and gardening usage. Packing in cut strings /hanks, Bales or spools depending on the requirement and usage. Container utilization approx. 20-24MT in 40ff HC